American Neo-Soul Rapper and Singer Eddy Cane Delivers a Love-Inspiring Ballad Dubbed “Feeling Bout You.”

Eddy Cane is a talented and dynamic artist with an undying passion for and a good ear for music. Eddy delivers with his warm, smooth, and melodious voice, exuding high musicianship, enthusiasm, and profound raw honesty through his eclectic style of music that taps into old-school R&B and soul and is given color with his rap-flavored lyricism. Blending cleverness, charm, and an unequaled stage presence, Cane’s way with words is as captivating as it is amusing. It is always apparent that he loves old-school standards and luckily possesses the voice and phrasing to make his music sound fresh and relevant.

Eddy Cane does not feel compelled to merely copy his predecessors and instead displays a sound of his own with the roots of first-class singing. In his new love-inspired ballad “Feeling Bout You”, Cane succeeds on all levels by engineering a classic song with some vintage lyrics that come off as if they were written specifically for him to communicate to today’s lovers!

The beats here are warm, nostalgic, and upbeat- the perfect chill and cruise melodies for summer.  Breathing life into the lyrical narrative smoothly and captivatingly, Cane proves that indeed this field is for the chosen few. Occasionally he hits you with some comical punchlines that underscore that waggish riposte!

To make this ballad the more astonishing, there is of course that beautiful, visual-inspired accompanying lyric video that is eye-catching and impeccably fits the track’s narrative.

Ultimately, “Feeling Bout You” is the anthem to celebrate that true and rare love and really puts you in the mood for the occasion. The upbeat, old-school-inspired tempo and smooth delivery by Eddy Cane make it very enjoyable to listen to—especially with your partner close by!

I have a feeling that you are absolutely going to love what’s on show here; to find out, follow the attached link, don’t forget to subscribe to Eddy Cane’s YouTube channel, like this track, comment below it, and make sure to add it to your favorite playlist!

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