Canadian Artist Elia Press’ “Sunshine at the Beach” (Feat. Arrinel) Is a Fierce Anthem With Crossover Appeal Delivered With Unrestrained Showmanship!

“Sunshine at the Beach” is the debut masterpiece of one Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, Elia Press, which came as a realization during one of his European trips with friends. Elia had always wanted to pursue music, but he did not know how or when to start. In June 2022, he found himself at the peak of his creative expression, and that is when he decided to take that leap of faith and dive deep into his musical passion. In a way, “Sunshine at the Beach” really serves as a commentary on Elia’s personal journey and is a reflection of his determination, resilience, and unwavering faith in his own abilities. This is a bold declaration of Elia’s position in the music industry and a testament to the strength of independent artists!

Featuring his friend Arrinel, this lively track has an across-the-board appeal with its apparent blend of indie pop and hip hop. The duo is able to create a powerful blend of futuristically colored soundscapes with that delightful touch of melodic pop and the lyrical expression of hip-hop to design an eclectic sound with easy-to-sing and dance melodies and characteristic rhythms.

The emotion in this track is palpable, taking us on an adventurous journey through a summer vacation by the beach over the irresistible beats and enchanting vocal presentation.

The good news is that this is just the start for Elia Press as he seeks to cultivate an inseparable bond in music with his sights fixed on the future. He is designated to become an influencing and driving force, encouraging all to pursue their dreams and beliefs.

Elia is currently on pace to ignite the entertainment industry with vulnerable and soul-revealing music paired with his unbridled passion for getting to the heart of his performances. Another Elia/Arrinel duet dubbed, “Passion Fruit’ is expected to drop officially on March 10th, with Elia’s solo release, “Diamond,” set for a March 24th official drop!

To experience what Elia Press and Arrinel are made up of; follow the attached link and add “Sunset at the Beach” to your music library.

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