Deliverance minister Fola Amoo releases a new heart-touching anthem titled “Great God.”

As an ordained gospel minister and Christian music singer-songwriter and performer, Fola Amoo sings and performs original Christian worship songs that communicate salvation-themed messages that are encouraging and uplifting. All her songs, penned and produced by Fola Amoo, draw from biblical scriptures and ideas, conveying a faith-based philosophical perspective. Her primary aim is to spread the gospel through lyrics that accurately depict Jesus as seen in the Bible, His miracles, and the anticipation of His second coming. In a world often filled with doubt and obstacles, she aims to uplift and inspire people in their relationships with God and the mission of living their everyday lives under his wing and guidance. Her desire is to create for the Creator, presenting the steadfast and potent truths of the gospel and the splendor of God’s nature with a new perspective.

Through fervently detailed lyrics, Fola Amoo’s latest single, “Great God,” exalts God’s never-ending grace, goodness, and greatness, encompassing themes of closeness with God, his divine holiness, and his never-ending righteousness.

Featuring the immensely talented Deborah Billyben, they unite to deliver a profoundly fulfilling and catchy tune. Drawing on her own journey of truly understanding and accepting God’s grace, Amoo hopes for every listener and worshipper to know and appreciate the depth of God’s goodness towards them, and for that reality to release them from shame and the empty rules of false beliefs.

In God, there is no lack—a message underscored by the mellow yet lively instrumentation, which amplifies both artists’ soulful voices and ensures the powerful message resonates.

Fola Amoo believes that the artistry with which God has graciously provided her is a weapon to be used against the devil in her fulfillment of the Lord’s great commission with which He has tasked her, and a track like “Great God” continues her unwavering mission to spread the gospel truth and, hopefully, win more hearts for God.

Everyone has something to be grateful for, and “Great God” embodies this sentiment perfectly.

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Author: Skylar

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