Emerging hip-hop and punk sensation PoochTooth is set to release his new track, “Scorpio Shit.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, PoochTooth is poised to be the next West Coast talent to flip the rap music industry on its head with his signature blend of rap and punk. PoochTooth’s vision is to push the sonic boundaries and never compromise on originality as he continues to take listeners on a musical odyssey they will always remember. He has chosen a path distinct from current trends in the rap music industry, instead opting to leave his own distinctive trail, to leave footprints that are recognizably his, without any doubt. His journey, now beginning, is centered on authenticity; without which we all would be faking.

PoochTooth’s upbringing is the greatest influence on his worldview and on life itself, and it will be his guiding principle even with his highly eclectic music. He is now gearing up for the release of his new track, “Scorpio Shit,” which he plans on unveiling on November 11, 2023.

This tune is born of his own Scorpio traits and is a call for everyone to embrace their personalities and who they are. This song is about staying true to yourself and never faltering when it comes to your guiding principles and personality.

As a punk and rap artist, PoochTooth has packaged a nice blend of the two, striking an efficient balance and backing that up with some masterful flows and irresistible hooks to drive the point home.

“Scorpio Shit” promises to be a trailblazer and the anthem for the streets, clubs, and daily life. His punk aggression and poetic subtlety are bound to openly ingratiate themselves with anyone who comes into close contact with this upcoming banger.

If I were you, I’d immediately mark my calendar for November 11 and head straight to PoochTooth’s Instagram handle and click on the link on his bio to pre-save this track and be among the first to experience this standout release from an artist in his prime of creativity.

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