Northern California-Based Electro Pop Sensation Little Brain Captivates with His Latest Conscious Jam, “New Normal”

I consider music a journey as opposed to a niche, and when I listen to the sounds of artists like Little Brain, whom I’ve recently discovered, I am more grateful for the endless genres of music that exist. His sound is uniquely captivating and sonically evocative, borrowing from a wide array of genres and not a sound that can be confined within certain rules and boundaries. He is most known for his emotive, powerful voice and emotionally driven songs. His energetic melodies, distinct electro cadences, and innate competency to deliver unique songs have earned him a lot of deserved attention from fans and critics. His music feels like a mechanism of release, a means to an end, a way to remember new beginnings or understand it all.

His latest jam, “New Normal” is driven by the core electro-pop soundscape, but there is still an ethereal and immersive side to the arrangement that beautifully contrasts the speed and intensity of the track as well as some heavy melodic backdrops accompanying that powerful chorus.

The irreconcilable differences between partners, friends, or family members and the simple recognition that it is only human to stand firm with those who are most impacted by any issue served as the inspiration for this song. This is a case of swallowing your ego and acknowledging your role in any conflict or disagreement.

I love the patient buildup; the song gradually and slowly builds, reeling a listener in as Little Brain transports them into his own vision with such vivid lyrics backed by a high-quality music video that features him all alone wearing a balaclava and singing with such passion and purpose.

“New Normal” is all about being true to yourself and standing by what’s right always, even if it means your ego is hurt or you were in the wrong.

“New Normal” is an entertaining, uplifting, empowering, and inspiring jam that has been beautifully arranged, skillfully executed, and exquisitely produced. “New Normal” is worth every second.

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