Nashville-based South African pop queen LINAY marks her comeback with a wholehearted performance in her latest single, “Kiss Me When You’re Sober”

Lines like, “And I know we said this wasn’t gonna lead to something but I caught feelings, and I know we said this wasn’t what I was planning, but I caught feelings” and “But I know we said we could handle this but around you I feel powerless, I’m the fool who’s in love with you and I don’t know what to do” encapsulate what LINAY’s latest masterpiece, “Kiss Me When You’re Sober” is all about; this is an expression of raw emotions of a heartbroken person grappling with her own hurtful feelings emanating from a friend’s benefit kind of situation gone sour after she develops intimate feelings for the other person who isn’t quite willing to reciprocate those kind of romantic feelings!

For so many reasons, I can’t seem to get this out of my head! It is just so good!

You can feel LINAY’s love for the genre throughout this tune’s life and genuine tonality. The songwriting is simply of the highest standards, with quality phrasing and easily identifiable and quotable lyrics.

The way she performs the chorus accentuates the weight of the lyrics and, indeed, the song tenfold. The catchy and memorable lyrics over the equally captivating and infectious melodies add to the anthemic weight of the song.

LINAY’s vocals are golden and crystal clear as she glides over her own blissful creation, capturing the heart of a listener intimately with such heartfelt conviction.

This tune actually has a broad appeal, with the modern and upbeat pop beats attractively complemented by the subtle rock influences, making for a rich soundscape that is best enjoyed at maximum volume!
As far as songwriting goes, “Kiss Me When You’re Sober” is first-class and top-notch, making this jam a radio-ready tune that deserves widespread critical acclaim.

“Kiss Me When You’re Sober” is actually what happens when an artist pours all of herself into her songwriting and backs that up with a soul-stirring vocal rendition!

“Kiss Me When You’re Sober” is now ripe for consumption. I’d recommend you savor this delicacy with friends, family, and even strangers for one healthy, tasty, and unforgettable musical meal to last a lifetime!

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