Freak de L´Afrique’s Latest Banger “Yebo” Ft. Lindi Is Out Now on All the Music Platforms

Freak De L´Afrique Yebo

Freak De L´Afrique is a Berlin-based creative collection of DJs, MCs, and dancers from all over Germany who share an insatiable passion for Africa’s modern club sounds. The group started out with the popular wave of “Afro Heat” in 2012 at the now legendary “Cookies” club in Berlin and as of today, they host some of the biggest club nights in Berlin such as “Cirque de l’Afrique”, “Black Paper”, “Bantu’s Diary” & “The Afro House Xperience” amongst others. They started hosting their monumentally successful events in other German cities in 2019 and started their own YouTube show “Freak De L´Afrique TV”, in 2021 which covers music, dance and news from Berlin’s afrodiasporic community. They released their debut singles “Mama Eh” and “Akom” in 2017. They do not intend to slow down and 2022 will see them go full-throttle in as much music production and extensive tours as their live performances are concerned.

Seeking the artistic magic of South African singer and dancer Lindi, they got into the studio and made one hell of an absorbing, danceable, and melodically abundant sound that blends the rhythmic lines of the quintessential South African Amapiano sound with some subtle hints of some Afro-fusion to add that extra rhythmic edge and appeal. Combining the exuberant attitude and infectious energy of Freak De L´Afrique led by the boss lady DJ Nomi and the glamorous extravagance of the Amapiano enthusiast and the end result is nothing words can express!

Fireworks are ignited, snow is melted and oceans are overflowing with the wave the intriguing thing about this track is that it is the first Amapiano track straight outta Berlin with a bi-lingual topping of German and Tswana. This is a summer party anthem and will be felt across the dance floors as party people and dance enthusiasts move with reckless abandon to its danceable and high-energy qualities. If you have listened to the popular Amapiano tracks, then you already have a clue of what this tremendous track is like!

“Yebo” is the first single from their upcoming debut album “Awosa” which will be released through Man Recordings in May. The official music video is also out and it is a vivid visual treat consisting of the 10 years Freak De L´Afrique events both national and international. “Yebo’ is now available on all the music platforms – tell your friends to tell their friends and let the world be connected with good vibes and great music such as this!

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