This Is the World Premiere of the Single “False Prophets” by Artist and Producer Mike Hitt

Mike Hitt False Prophets

Mike Hitt is your favorite’s artist favorite artist; he is an American music producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is the owner of MCM studios. He writes, records, produces, mixes, and masters his own tracks and also helps other artists, companies, and corporations with their own productions using his studio resources. He makes genre-defying eclectic certified hits by blending diverse genres to design a cocktail of vividly moving and splendorous magical tunes that hit across the board in exactly the same way! He is a master sound engineer and it comes to no surprise that his latest single, “False Prophets” which is his fourth studio single has already premiered with a bang, setting the internet on fire literally!

 “False Prophets” is a proper motivational track that reminds us of who we are – that we have come so far to look back and to focus on the energy-derailing comments from naysayers in our lives. This is a wake-up call type of smash hit to remind us of who we are and what we are made of and that the only thing we should be aiming at is achieving our dreams. To activate that hardwired capacity within us to access the realm of pure genius within us. In the end, our influence in the world mirrors the glory, nobility, vitality, and luminosity we have accessed in ourselves.

His passionate delivery extends across the instrumentations as he delivers sensationally and the catchy hooks in the chorus really hit the nerve even with the way it has been heightened with the rocky and underground touches that are driven with the dutiful drums and powerful bass lines. His poetic kind of freestyle with those verses is the capstone of this track and he delivers motivational and inspirational flows effortlessly like some wordsmith! Before you know in you are already sucked into a stupor with the absorbing chorus!

The video for this track is already nearly 1 K views in just a few hours since its release as it equally draws in on that energy perfectly displaying what “False Prophets” is all about – you will be treated to some visual imageries of winter and surrounding winter fell environments, some wolf and colorful imagery of Mike Hitt beside the American flag delivering passionately.

This is a boom-made music video and an inspiring bonafide tune. Mike is putting his distinct stamp on the music industry which is certain to continue for years to come. Follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, like the video leave a comment and share it be on the lookout for his upcoming projects.

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