Award-Winning Filmmaker and Actor Giovannie Espiritu Is Set to Release an Electro-Pop Version of Her Debut Short Film, “Ultra-Feminist”


An award-winning filmmaker, actor, and writer, Giovannie Espiritu is a creative force in the film industry, known for her compelling storytelling and nuanced performances. She uses her artistry to shed light on critical social issues, always aiming to inspire change and foster understanding. Her work resonates as it is rooted in truth, and her profound compassion drives her to advocate for a more inclusive world. Her journey includes overcoming challenges as a bisexual, once undocumented Filipina, and surviving a Biblical doomsday cult as a teenager. All these experiences have shaped her into a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, domestic violence awareness, and inclusion. She, more than anyone else understands the intersectionality of identities and the unique struggles faced by those who, apparently, do not fit societal norms.

“Ultra-Feminist,” one of Giovannie’s initial short films created in 2019, earned her critical acclaim from Outfest Fusion. Half a decade later, she has transformed it into a catchy, infectious, and memorable electro-pop version that she is set to release soon.

With this new single, she confronts the status quo boldly and honestly, highlighting her proud feminist nature, combating misogyny, and celebrating her ultra-feminism. The unforgettable chorus is where the gist of the song’s thematic essence really rests, and it is one that will stay with you long after the final notes fade away.

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“Ultra Feminist” is defined by its use of heavy synthesizers, with rich and layered synth textures, memorable melodies, crisp snares, pulsating bass, and driving kicks that propel the song forward. The track maintains a strong pop sensibility with a straightforward song structure featuring a clear verse-chorus-bridge arrangement, and catchy lyrics that are easy to sing along with.

On the mic, Giovannie breathes life with her emotive and distinctive vocals, coming off bold and hitting all the right notes with her captivating vocal performance.

“Ultra Feminist” is expected to drop very soon, and as the music world patiently waits, you can get to know more about Giovannie by checking her official website


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