International EDM hitmaker DJ DeT Vibe is back with another hit dubbed “Lost in My Feelings”

With an ear for innovation and a passion for pushing boundaries, DJ DeT Vibe has established himself as a force in the EDM scene. His sets are a masterful mix of beats, melodies, and transitions, taking audiences on a journey through a dynamic range of genres. From the driving pulse of house to the infectious groove of techno, his music is a testament to his ability to create a cohesive yet diverse experience. DJ DeT Vibe’s commitment to his craft and his talent for blending styles make him a standout artist in the EDM world. His unique sound and infectious energy ensure that every performance is a memorable one. If you’re seeking a DJ who can transform any space into a dance floor and keep the vibe alive, DJ DeT Vibe is the name to remember.

He returns with another banger, “Lost in My Feelings” featuring the gifted vocalist Angeleia. This is a dance-inspired masterpiece that truly lives up to its name and has a way of drawing you in, gradually enveloping you in its captivating rhythm and emotion. From the moment it starts, you’re swept away into a soundscape that feels like a journey into unexplored territory, a place where music and emotion blend seamlessly.

The production on this track is nothing short of exceptional. DJ DeT Vibe carefully crafts each element, allowing the music to transcend its usual boundaries. With every beat and melodic progression, you find yourself getting deeper into the atmosphere, almost as if you’re unlocking new levels in a brilliantly scripted film or reading the next chapter in an engrossing novel.

Angeleia’s vocals are the perfect complement to the intricate production. Her voice is soulful and expressive, adding a layer of depth that resonates with the song’s emotive core. Her delivery is powerful yet nuanced, carrying a sense of vulnerability that makes the track all the more compelling.

“Lost in My Feelings” is a track that defies expectations, with a complex arrangement that keeps evolving, surprising you at every turn. It’s the kind of song that transports you, inviting you to let go and immerse yourself in its seductive charm. The driving beat and infectious energy make it impossible to resist, while the melodic elements and Angeleia’s captivating vocals add a touch of poignancy.

If you’re looking for a song that will not only make you dance but also touch your soul, “Lost in My Feelings” is the perfect choice. DJ DeT Vibe and Angeleia have created a track that is as much about feeling as it is about movement, making it a must-listen for anyone who loves music that takes them on an emotional journey. Prepare to be lost in your feelings, and enjoy every moment of it!


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