Embracing a Mix of Resilience and Introspection, Musical Magician Good Spells Is Back With the Darkly Resonant “Monsters”

With a style of music that I could only describe as bold and atmospheric, Good Spells continues to flourish with his adventurous spirit he has been given the license to roam. The music here is mostly characterized by its dark and deep tones. He likes to use retro aesthetics and synths to create haunting soundscapes, drawing inspiration from the 1980s while infusing it with a modern edge. Good Spells is the type of artist who isn’t afraid to confront the shadows and explore themes that delve into the complexities of the human experience. I guess he sees music as a form of cathartic experience and personal liberation, and that’s why he loves to delve into the darkness while exuding that sense of empowerment and defiance.

Good Spells returns with a sonic tour de force, dubbed “Monsters,” that has been drenched in that alternative spirit, featuring haunting synths, punchy drum patterns, brooding vocals, and an all-round atmospheric production.

Combining the sweeping synths and ambient pads, this song has a theatrical quality complemented by Good Spells’ brooding vocal tones as he confronts his monsters head-on with a self-assured defiance and commitment to overcome them.

He takes listeners through the darker aspects of monsters, both internal and external, while ultimately guiding them toward triumph and resilience. This is what contributes to both the dark and self-empowering feel of the song.

“Monsters” is a journey through the emotional highs and lows of our own mental spaces—a performance that is both deep and uplifting and one that appeals to those who seek music that not only entertains but also resonates on a deeper level.

“Monsters” indeed confirms that Good Spells is an artist with a story to tell, using his music as a vehicle to inspire and connect with his audiences.

Streaming on all popular platforms and with an official lyric video out on YouTube, all that remains is for you to give it your critical stamp of approval.

For more information, check out Good Spells’ official website www.goodspells.com


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