Continuing the Successful Momentum of His “C’mon Dream” Album, Big Bus Dream Returns With an Epic and Sonically Captivating Sequel, “Hello”

It’s a challenging journey to consistently produce timeless music and create unique and infectious sounds. Big Bus Dream, the musical moniker of Mike Shannon, has always believed in himself to take the more challenging route and has been fully focused on a music career that abides by the mantra, “You’re only as good as your last project.” His previous album, “C’mon Dream” put him in the spotlight for global audiences and solidified his status as rock, folk, country, and their equivalents’ royalty. Taking huge inspiration from his own dreams, he breathes life into his music with his soothing and velvety vocals, transporting listeners to different dimensions with such effortless ease.

“Hello” is a 12-track collection and a masterpiece in eclectic music transcendence. With this album, Big Bus Dream plunges deep into the heart of his dreams, displaying an unmatched musical skill characterized by catchy, timeless, and infectious melodies. His music here strips away the excess, focusing on the art, dreams, great storytelling, and charisma, capturing the listeners with his vivid storytelling and magnetic instrumentals.

Big Bus Dream delivers a potent mix of thought-provoking lyrics, exceptional flow, and effortless cadence in his performances over splendid production, with his unmistakable voice weaving through each track with precision and power.

My all-time favorite is the title track “Hello,” a catchy, timeless, and infectious tour de force with replay value. Big Bus Dream’s voice, rich in taste like an expensive and well-aged cognac, blends seamlessly with the mellow guitar, gentle keyboard, and extra percussion, creating a richly ensemble-like sound that is indescribably beautiful. Its easily quotable and memorable lyrics make this song an irresistible anthem that you’ll find yourself needing to come back to repeatedly.

“Tell Me You Love Me” is a special ballad that resonates with listeners of all kinds and one that stirs the soul of its listeners as much as captivating them. His way of conveying those vulnerable feelings creates a strong connection with the listener, who can find their connection with his lyrics.

Based on a true story, “I Thought It Was Magic” is similar to a warm hug on a cold day. It’s the kind of melody that you can sing along to all day without even knowing it.

To tell you the truth, “Hello” is an unforgettable sonic adventure that deserves to be relished in its entirety, from where you can best decide which tracks make your playlist.

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