Washington-based emcee and artist LeekoMoney establishes a new standard with his latest street-inspired anthem “Black Truck”

LeekoMoney’s lyrics are inspired by the very streets that raised him. He exhibits a high level of lyrical prowess, characterized by clever rhymes and intricate wordplay. The intricate tapestry of street life, along with the myriad aspects that fuel our existence, drives him to create music, taking inspiration from the good and the bad and plunging deep into the craft, showcasing an incontestable pen game characterized by hard-hitting rhymes, sophisticated wordplay, and intellectual flows. His effortless cadence, magnetic charisma, and knack for infectious beats make him an all-round artist with 360-degree control over his craft. If you’re seeking music that resonates deeply, LeekoMoney is an ideal choice. Check him out, and you’ll be glad you did.

Right now, LeekoMoney is gearing up for the release of his new album “Money Season” and to maintain our anticipation and spark our imagination, he offers the single “Black Truck” from the album. A dynamic masterpiece crafted with fiery trap beats and emphatic bass that vibrates the floor, it is the kind of banger that feels good at maximum volume.

On the mic, LeekoMoney demonstrates his unmatched lyrical skill, infusing life into thought-provoking bars that are boastful, analytical, and masterful at the same time. He maintains a strong presence, seamlessly transitioning from one verse to the next with his bold and confident vocal delivery.

LeekoMoney’s lyricism, especially in lines like “Good gas got me thinking about supper,” illustrates his talent for witty wordplay that characterizes his rhymes.

The top-notch production perfectly complements LeekoMoney’s voice, which commands attention, weaving through the beat with precision and power.

A stunning showcase of what to expect from the upcoming project, “Black Truck” is what hip-hop and rap music is all about. The authenticity showcased here speaks volumes about the artistic integrity of LeekoMoney and why he is on his way to reach and surpass greatness, and ultimately establish a lasting legacy.

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