Keiffer Mclean & the Curiosity Club – I Don’t Care If You Don’t

Keiffer McLean, acclaimed as a singer-songwriter pushing the boundaries of folk and indie, leads the Curiosity Club with an energy that’s both contagious and liberating. Their latest sonic adventure, “I Don’t Care If You Don’t,” is a rebellious anthem that beckons listeners to embrace an unapologetic spirit. McLean’s exceptional talent, marked by nominations for two Canadian Folk Music Awards and an Independent Music Award, is a testament to his unique musical vision.

In this electrifying track, the band seamlessly blends “freak folk” and “progressive indie,” creating a musical landscape that defies convention yet remains intimately relatable. The lyrics, dripping with defiant attitude, make it a cathartic anthem for shaking off negativity. As “I Don’t Care If You Don’t” echoes with its infectious sound, the listener is invited to join this musical rebellion. Keiffer McLean & the Curiosity Club aren’t just crafting songs; they’re creating an experience where tradition meets innovation. Take a leap into their world, and let the rebellious spirit of their music ignite your own. Don’t just listen – join the rebellion.

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