Salon, So Long. – Charlie (Keeping You Safe)

At 32, Salon has emerged from the shadows of isolation, armed with an arsenal of musical prowess as a guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, singer, and spontaneous songwriter. His journey is a symphony of resilience and rediscovery, fueled by the loss of loved ones and the responsibilities of single parenthood. Each note he crafts is a reflection of the battles fought and won, resonating with a haunting beauty that encapsulates the human experience. From the depths of contemplating suicide to a resolute commitment to his lifelong dream, Salon’s story is not just told; it’s masterfully woven into every chord and lyric of his latest creation, “Charlie (Keeping You Safe).”

Dive into the heart of Salon’s musical odyssey, where vulnerability meets virtuosity, and emotions are translated into a melodic tapestry. “Charlie” isn’t just a song; it’s an intimate journey through life’s complexities. Join the movement, experience the depth, and let the music of Salon, So Long, be your guide. Together, let’s turn the volume up on resilience and the pursuit of dreams.

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