Rising From Above the Ashes Is the Critically Acclaimed Singer and Rapper Kitty Monroee Who Has a New EP, “Fenix” Scheduled for 14th October Official Release

There has always been an intriguing fascination about artists’ capability and capacity to harness ingenuity in service of music greatness and this is truer for songstress Kitty Monroee; born Jazzmine Harmon in West Philadelphia before her family moved to New Castle Delaware, it was always obvious that Kitty had developed an insatiate liking to music and dancing with her parents quick to notice and enrolling her into the historical Christiana cultural arts center in Wilmington, Delaware where her talents were nurtured. In her quest to make a name for herself in the music industry, she encountered a major setback after being found with tumors in her thyroid which proved deleterious to her singing voice. Not one to give up easily, she set on another consuming work of retraining her vocals and it was while at it she discovered her ability to rap.

Kitty Monroee now serves in her various artistic capacities as a singer, rapper and dancer. Having taken a long break from music, she is now back and ready to set the world ablaze with music so great it makes you want to cry! Rising from within the ashes of doubt, calamities, challenges like a dragon queen, Kitty is now spitting fire and you better keep your distance lest you get burned.

Announcing her major comeback, Kitty Will be releasing her much-anticipated EP, “Fenix” officially on all streaming platforms on 14th October 2022. A 9-track collection brimming with emotional, melodious and aesthetic tunes with foundations in R&B and soul, this is not one to miss.

From this remarkable repertoire, a listener can expect danceable tunes like, “Quake” with the shaking elements resembling a rhythmic tremble just like the title seems to suggest. With luxurious additions of dancehall-like inspired beats, this is one to get you pumped up and ready to face the weekend. With a stellar commanding presence over the beats, Kitty displays why her second name is Monroee!

“Numb” is very infectious and one that will leave a delectable taste in your ears as Kitty easily makes an emotional anthem off of her lines. With her sweet-sounding vocals over the immaculately done instrumentation and cupped off by those memorable hooks, this will have listeners head over heels for it!

There is a significant portion of emotional honesty in the track, “Bad Intentions” and tells of a deeply relatable theme. It’s human courtesy to always make your intentions known for the sake of everyone else’s time and peace of mind! This track has a steady bassline and her vocals integrate with the beats fashionably feeling like they are instruments themselves.

A listener can expect a timeless masterpiece that has been delivered with authentic passion and the determination of someone who knows her craft and is seeking dominance. Mark 14th on your calendar and follow Monroee everywhere and don’t let her slip off your radar even for a mere second!

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