The air is thick with anticipation as Sweden-based EDM producer MNEXSIS and singer LINE$$A gear up for the release of their highly anticipated melodic techno collaboration, “Hypnotic”

LINE$$A was casually scrolling through her TikTok when something caught her ear; a captivating electronic dance-inspired and techno-flavored masterpiece that she couldn’t get enough of. There and then, she decided to do what most of us would normally do in such a scenario; seriously stalk the artist, who happened to be none other than MNEXSIS, a household name in the Swedish dance music scene. For some reason, she kept coming back to this same track, and that is when she decided that enough was enough and reached out to MNEXSIS, a collaboration in mind. And as fate or destiny would have it, this story has a happy ending, as we are now counting days until the official release of “Hypnotic,” a collaborative masterpiece within the realms of melodic techno.

From the snippets I have already listened to, “Hypnotic” is truly epic ear candy that is going to set the dance music scene ablaze. This has already been affirmed by the massive positive reactions the track’s short glimpses have been generating from curious fans who can’t get enough of its infectious and irresistible feel, energy, and warmth.

To give you an idea of what the buzz is all about, I want you to imagine an immersive 3-dimensional audio experience on stereo headphones, speakers, or audio receivers. Now, add to that imagination some hauntingly beautiful, sultry, sexy, and arresting female vocals…sounds epic, right? Now imagine no more, because that’s exactly what has been offered here!

“Hypnotic” is guaranteed to leave you operating in this state of music-inspired ecstasy as the infectious and groovy beats and striking vocals make you feel things that not enough words can quantify. This jam beautifully captures the beauty and power of collaboration and sees two incredibly gifted musicians blend their musical tastes and ideas to come up with something worthy of fanfare.

As our patience continues to be tested, we can now sleep soundly knowing that “Hypnotic’s” pre-save link is already out which means that nothing is going to stop or delay the official release date; June 20, 2024!

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