Eclectic Artist Pastor Weed Is Back with a New, Catchy, and Infectious Reggae Anthem, “Go Hard”

Pastor Weed is a musical wizard based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has spent years perfecting his craft, and the results speak for themselves; his catalog shines brightly with tracks that are nothing short of captivating. His latest release, “Go Hard,” a reggae-inspired anthem, is a shimmering beacon of feel-good music that radiates positive energy, urging listeners to embrace the true power of standing up for what’s right, speaking their minds and truths, and not letting others make their own decisions. Here, the depth of lyricism has been delightfully complemented by the skillful execution of the music.

The structure is purely reggae, with a bright concoction of colorful guitars that cement that Caribbean-flavored sound, unmistakable bass that adds depth and crystal clear polish, punchy drums, and striking percussion that drive the song’s energy forward as well as give it that consistently and hauntingly beautiful rhythm that is ideal for dancing.

On the mic, Pastor Weed breathes life with his distinct vocals, singing in a bold manner and painting vivid pictures with the raw and honest lyrics that pertain to the jam’s thematic essence.

The jam’s chorus envelops what the jam is all about; with catchy and memorable hooks that see Pastor Weed reference the make of a rock to symbolize strengthening up and going ahead to encourage a listener to always speak their minds and shout it out.

As you know, the truth will always set anyone free, and “Go Hard” reiterates that with such a captivating beat and stunning vocal display from an artist who has got what it takes to fan the flames of his own international rise with his universal sound.

If you like your music to be catchy, infectious, and unforgettable, then “Go Hard” is exactly what you need right now.

Check the link attached and let this jam be your new favorite to always come back to. Recommending it to a friend is also highly advised.


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