Iceland Based Singer/Songwriter and Producer Major Pink Has a New Infectious Anthem Dubbed, “Move”

A multifaceted artist and producer hailing all the way from Iceland is the one and only acclaimed Major Pink who has been in the music industry for over 10 years now- a period in which he has worked with some of the best Iceland collaborators, been in a band for a short span and been recognized for his ingenious work when it comes to creating and editing of music videos. He is still in the game and feeling as youthful as when he started and since music never expires, he is serving timeless masterpieces just like back in the day. Music brings people of all factions together and it is Major Pink’s hope that his music will also do more to bring the world closer together, especially during these tumultuous eras we are currently experiencing.

The track, “Move” is exactly what you need to start your day on a bright note; it is undeniably catchy and just from the title, it inspires its listeners to move with both skillful and exaggerated poise to the flow of the luxuriously stylish beats that blends several genres together to its desired output!

There are memorable and easily quotable verses thrown in here for a very unforgettable listening experience with Major Pink coming through mature and composed with very firm vocals that feel raw and authentic. He of course easily makes an anthem off of the sensationally thought lyrics.

A terrible dancer himself, it was only right that Major Pink challenged himself and the end result is not as bad as you might be thinking. There is a music video out for this engrossing track which visually blends Major Pink’s freestyled dancing techniques- he just got on set and started moving his body parts to the beats in what is a comic and astonishingly fitting affair. I couldn’t see this music video any other way than it currently is underscoring the fact that sometimes simplicity is genius!

This is a feel-good type of track to get you in great moods and I’m hereby recommending it to you reading this right now; follow the attached link, subscribe to Major Pink’s YouTube channel- like the video, and leave a comment below of how you feel about the track.

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