A-League Recording Artist and Songwriter DAREWOOD222 Has a Dance-Inspired Inspirational Masterpiece Dubbed, “Sandman”

Darewood222 was born and raised in Nashville, Tn. This multifaceted artist has built a reputation around his multi-genre style of music that is influenced by his love for music from all genres. Darewood222 has been filling the music space with complex and intriguingly rhythmic grooves which beguile listeners while they connect on another passionate level beyond even the lyrical storytelling. Darewood222 is now bound to continue reshaping and reinventing himself as well as his sound so as to stay upfront in this ever-evolving industry while also staying on the edge of new sounds and genres.

His latest track, “Sandman” has been the talk of the town lately; this is one dazzling piece of dance-inspired EDM cake that has allowed the articulation of rap lyricism to flourish so as to cut through wide and deep.

I feel every detail in here has been calibrated to world-class with the melodies coming off catchy and undeniably infectious as Darewood222 breathes life into the narrative with his distinct vocals to gratifying effects. Everyone loves EDM soundscapes and the way they have been stupendously layered in here to create a danceable sound is incalculably effective.

“Sandman” has a very 80’s inspired new wave vibe with the thick synth lines and colorful 808’s perfecting the sound design and adding immaculate sonic variation. Beyond all this melodic remarkability is of course very inspiring lyrics; on the other side of every tragedy lives a triumph and beyond adversity exists a bridge to enduring victory. So hold on there, don’t give up just yet, your dreams will one day turn into reality!

“Sandman” has already been deservedly acclaimed with more than 25k streams on SOUNDCLOUD.  The Casablanca-dance-inspired melody colored with deeply relatable and motivational lyrics is this banger in a nutshell!

Follow the attached link so as to get what the fuss is all about; add “Sandman” as a favorite anthem and share it with dance music enthusiasts around you!

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