Female Lyricist Extraordinaire Mo Nicole Is Set to Release Her First Ever Full Length Project, “Stoop Lyfe” on 2nd December 2022

We are all privileged to walk among lyrical queens like Mo Nicole; a sensational rap diva who was raised in Wilmington. Considering herself as a second-generation femcee, she is a force worth reckoning with her lyrical ability speaking for itself. She grew up listening to Notorious B.I.G. and Michael Jackson’s records and her own mother was a top-rated lyrist who went by the moniker “Butta” I guess stemming from the way she butchered them hip hop lines! Taking after her mom, Mo Nicole began rapping as early as possible and has been in the rap game for over 10 years now during which she has learned so much, interacted with important people in the music business and headlined numerous events and shows all over her hometown and outside!

She has star quality and the one thing that is undeniable about her is her lyrical depth and phrasing- she has a way with her words that is undeniably commendable and can easily make an anthem off of anything. This is what separates her from the pack and the fact that she is not shy of showing her unapologetic side- love her or hate her, she is not one to fake her personality!

On 2nd December all signs point to a historic moment where she will be officially unveiling her full-length debut project; “Stoop Lyfe”- a 20-track inspired masterpiece that is brimming with hard-hitting and mind-boggling bars over any type of hip hop beats you could think of. Here, rap enthusiasts are going to have a feast they will live to remember!

“That’s What It Sound Like” has very entrancing organic instruments right from the intro and the message she intends to pass here is loud and clear. Operating between memorable hooks and moments of lyrical invention, this is one outstanding. I love the phrasing in that captivating chorus, “They can talk a lot of this

They can talk a lot of that

They can talk a lot of shit

But they don’t talk a lot of facts though

That’s what it sound like

I mean at least that’s what it sound like”

“Everything” takes you back to the golden good old days of real street rap. With her sharp laser beam lyrical focus, Mo Nicole points a listener in the right direction with her powerful bars. The track has also added sparkling shades of R&B anecdotes for colorful sound design and luxurious variation!

“But I Do” is one of the best meditative tracks from the album; Mo Nicole comes off here very raw and emotional with the complementary laid-back and chilled instrumentation offering an immaculate bed of support for her rap vocals to flourish and shine as they do! The beguiling piano loops accompanying the sentimental hip-hop beats are the proverbial icing on this already sweetened rap cake!

“Weak Ass Bitch” is the best tune to rant or lose steam to. She went all heavy in this one and you can feel raw angst feelings in her voice as she laments the best ways she knows how. The beats are banging and evocative and in turn exude feelings of vibrancy from within a listener.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and for a fact, this album is going to make a dominant impact on hip hop lover’s hearts. Mark 2nd December on your calendar and follow Mo Nicole on all her social media platforms and don’t let her slip off of your radar even for a mere second- she absolutely is the future of female rap!

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