Los Angeles-Based Rapper and Songwriter Rexoxo Is Already Making Headlines With His New Single, “Disturbing the Peace”

Organically and genuinely blending that feel-good positivity, ridiculous showmanship, and wild energy is none other than the rapidly rising entertainer RexoXo based out of Los Angeles, California. Mixing some clever punchlines in an enthusiastic manner, RexoXo represents the mood he wishes to emit to his audience: for them to get a ‘mental high’ off his words while the melodies and rhythms make them want to dance like no one’s watching. His musical approach has slowly been developing into an art form. By letting the instrumental speak to him while somehow finding a floating point amid the beat, his style is its own unique art of perfection!

If you haven’t already heard, RexoXo is the talk of the town following the release of his new anthemic banger, “Disturbing the Peace,” which is a thrilling, transcendental, and high-energy masterpiece.

If you are into larger than life kind of music, “Disturbing the Peace” is the banger for you. Coming through with smart bars over the heavy production, RexoXo lyrically proves why he is on another level and also why his meteoric rise to stardom is quite inevitable!

The beats are trap-inspired, with the rickety synths blending honorably with the signature hi-hats, the menacing 808s, the brutal basslines, and the bloodthirsty drums for one window-shattering sound that is best enjoyed with the volume at an all time maximum.

Jumping on the beats with his street-glamorous rhymes, RexoXo is quick to make this an anthem that will stick in your head for days, and in between his sometimes explicit and other times unorthodox bars, it’s always a moment to behold when he caps it off with the hooks, “disturbing the peace people are looking at me,

I know what you see

Young & handsome that’s the anthem

Put your hands up, no I didn’t say freeze”

“Disturbing the Peace” is a certified street and club anthem that will get you dancing in no time and equally “Disturbing the peace” of everyone around you without a care in the world!

To listen to this infectious banger, follow the attached link and find a spot for it in your music library!

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