Netherlands Based International Composer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist TuskHead Is Set to Release His New EP, “Little Lights,” on April 21, 2023.

Tusk Head is a man of many talents whose reputation precedes him. Rapidly developing into a reputable musician, this eclectic Americana composer, lyricist, and producer is proving to be a cultural force at every turn. His unanimously acclaimed album, “Change of Shape,” introduced an extraordinarily talented multitalented star with a penchant for delivering relatable narratives over unique sounds. His ambitious sound incorporates experimental Americana-folk and country sounds with near-flawless execution, allowing him to arrive at something that feels authentically brand new.

Well, Tusk Head has a new 5-piece collection themed “Little Lights” that will officially drop on all the major streaming platforms on April 21, 2023. This EP was inspired by the brilliant contrast between light and darkness, hope and despair, and I feel the way it has been deftly arranged was done on purpose so that each track transitions into the next, while the whole EP still manages to remain seamless as an original body of work.

The first two tracks, “Three Words” and “Lose Control,” are warm and a tad upbeat and carry a general ‘feel-good’ type of vibe. The last two tracks, “Fall” and “I Am the Night” are a bit dark and sorrowful. The third track, “Wings” is more like a crossbreed between the two tunes- a bit sentimental but delivered with that hopeful feeling…at least that’s how I feel!

Like always, all the tracks are highly manicured and luxurious, blending Americana and folk with the occasional country to create an impressive body of work that is so immediately appealing that it doesn’t feel experimental at all. Complemented by Tusk Head’s versatility and the lead vocalist’s mellifluous showmanship, “Little Lights” is a bona fide standout capable of dominating any charts it is placed on!

The release of the first single, “Three Words,” has already garnered a significant following due to its mesmerizing guitar melodies, captivating vocals, and impressive songwriting, leaving a positive and lasting impression on my eardrums.

There are so many things to miss, but this EP is not one of them…Mark April 21st on your calendar, follow Tusk Head everywhere, and make sure you catch a glimpse of everything he’s up to…even as little as a sniff!

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