American-Based Iranian Singer/Songwriter Shabnam Jaleh Uses Her Platform to Fuel Iranians’ Quest for Freedom and Love in Her New Single, “Azadi.”

Shabnam Jaleh - Azadi

The Iranian people, in particular the women, have lived through more tragedies than a person has any right to, but instead of crumbling, they have remained steadfast in their strength and resilience—they’ve got that steel inside of them. As the fight for freedom takes its course, we are reminded that we need to get behind them, now more than ever. On one front fighting for the Iranian woman is Iranian-born singer /songwriter Shabnam Jaleh who is currently based in the USA. Having been born in Tehran, Iran, her family fled to the USA in order to lead a life of freedom. Jaleh’s music career began back in 2009 when she enrolled in the university to study music and under the guidance of various classical Persian musicians started honing her craft in singing and songwriting.

The founding father of Persian Pop music and the Black Cats, Shahbal Shabpareh, played a significant role in guiding her in the right direction, and in 2018, she debuted with the single “Radsho”- her first ever Farsi cover of an American pop song.

As Shabnam lives her dreams on one end, she can’t help but feel sorry, disheartened even, that there are millions of gifted Iranian women like her who cannot fulfill their dreams because that freedom has been denied to them, and that is why she is using her global influence as an artist who has made a name for herself to fight for all the voiceless Iranian women.

As the fight for freedom intensifies back in her home country, Jaleh has a new single, “Azadi,” that echoes the fight for freedom and the place for love in a community that has been denied both. This ear worming masterpiece was written, recorded, and produced back in Iran, but due to security concerns, the names of the songwriters and artists remain anonymous.

A heartwarming piece delivered with intensely raw emotions and backed by hauntingly beautiful female vocals, “Azadi” recognizes love as a major spark that ignites this fight for freedom, with the cover art depicting a couple embracing in the midst of protests going on in Iran in the fight for freedom.

“Azadi” is an affirmation to all the Iranian women and indeed Iranian people fighting for the same cause that freedom will finally come, no matter what it takes, and many will look back with pride and know that their efforts contributed to this!

To listen to this meticulously crafted and passionately performed single; follow the attached link, subscribe to Shabnam Jaleh’s YouTube channel, like the track, and leave a comment of support below it!

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