Us-Based Award-Winning Filmmaker, Artist, and Producer Richard Oliver Jr.’s Single About Gun Violence, “These Sad Times” Is a Must-Listen for the Whole of America!

Just recently, me and a friend were talking passionately about gun violence, and he told me as a matter of fact, “Whenever those folks in Congress are presented with those gun reform bills, they end up folding like cheap suits!” and I could feel the hurt and boiling anger in his voice, which is justified. Of late, statistics show that gun violence is now the leading cause of teenage deaths…and how did we get here? That’s the looming question that still remains unanswered!

When I, therefore, got hold of the news that the internationally acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker and artist was preparing to drop a tune about gun violence, I knew right away that there was no way this was a pure coincidence; this is the universe trying to communicate, and we better listen!

“These Sad Times” depicts the sad history of gun violence that has befallen the United States. Richard feels it’s about time that we project our voices higher about the issue…he has decided to use his platform and creative gifts to sing about it since talking about it has not proved effective enough.

Through the lush, dulcet, and warm reggae harmonies, Richard Oliver Jr. delivers a profoundly touching performance, with his prominent vocals echoing the sad state of affairs and expressing grave concern for the vulnerable, innocent souls whose dreams are being cut short and lives destroyed every other month.

As a virtuosic filmmaker, it’s a no-brainer that a single of this magnitude is expected to be accompanied by a deserving music video, and that is exactly the case.

While delving deep into the creative process, he felt that this film needed to protect the most vulnerable of these attacks; the children and that is how he assumed the role of a teacher and parent and set out to let the viewer get drawn into this deafeningly sad reality of gun violence.

His knack for specifics and tailored delivery puts you right beside him as the story unfolds, and that is what makes this jam super special.

“These Sad Times” is an authentic radio-friendly tune with a deeply meaningful message for the American people and other continents still struggling with gun violence…the time for change is now!

And this whole scenario leaves an unanswered question, which I am going to let float in the air; “If most of us remain ignorant of the deep issues that affect us, is it because self-knowledge and true reality are painful and we thus prefer the pleasures of illusion? Let that sink in!

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