Virtual Band Right Click Takes You on an Unforgettable Listening Experience With Their Self-Titled EP

Right Click is a virtual 3-piece band comprising diversely talented and phenomenally gifted accomplished musicians and producers, each with decades of experience to their name; together, they are perfection. By blending their musical tastes, they have been creating music they wish existed. They are equal and opposite forces that are building something that will ultimately outlive them.

The three of them separately have always found inspiration in watching other bands entertain crowds, influencing and changing lives with their songs and voices, and that is the sole mission of Right Click as a band. Collectively, they have found immense power in writing and performing music.

Their new EP is the mark of accomplished songwriting and boundless creativity to tell stories through music. This project resulted from a slow and careful process with countless revisions and scrapped songs; so far, four genuine tracks have come off of it, with more on the way.

The goal was to create a classic collection that would stand the test of time. With the project currently ongoing, Right Click is confident that they are achieving just that. This collection is a huge testament to the dedication and hard work of each and every member of this band.

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“Not Enough Time” feels timeless yet relevant, unheard of, and still warmly familiar. I love how the band brings the melody to life here, delivering a memorable punch that will remain stuck in your head for quite a while.

Featuring the stylistic caliber of roots sounds, this track emerges as a delectable concoction of country, flanked by an Americana blend and expressive shades of blues rock. The track really defies categorization and has been backed by beautiful, enchanting voices and a deeply relevant message at its core.

“Not Enough Time” is catchy and irresistible. It is brimming with sublime guitar virtuosity—a masterclass in guitar technique that amalgamates a marvelous sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality.

The sheer amount of technical dexterity on display in “What Is That Light” is incredible. The singing is out of this world, with Right Click wearing their hearts on their sleeves to ensure that a listener never forgets this performance. There is something about that chorus that I can’t quite wrap my head around…it is like I am reliving it in a way!

“Sorrow” is a sentimental song with Right Click building on a profound story with poignant lyrics, a particular voice, and neat country melodies that are colored by a haunting acoustic guitar. Armed with a larger-than-life voice, the lead vocalist’s delivery here can be compared to that of Chris Stapleton, but the truer and much more apt analogy is Kris Kristofferson.

Regardless, contrary to its sorrowful title, “Sorrow” is a bold effort and one that ought to find Right Click making an emphatic imprint on the country music charts.

It is no different in “Things I Missed” with the band going above and beyond to deliver a memorable performance that feels honest, mature, and raw.

Right Click’s vocal talents are unquestionable, and this EP demonstrates their huge capability for creating radio-friendly songs that the world needs right now.

One thing I took from this EP is just how incredible it was from a songwriting and performance perspective. As a lover of records from the 60s and 70s, there is a certain feeling of nostalgia that I got from these performances that tugged at my heartstrings.

I honestly cannot wait for this project to be completed, but before then, my playlist has been sufficiently served!

Follow the attached link to stream and purchase the digital album, and enjoy the timeless standards set by Right Click!


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