Los Angeles-Based Inimitable Duo Wearetdy Make Their Mark With Their Debut 2-Track Single, “10:01”

Ultimately, WEARETDY is what happens when two indestructible forces join hands; each recognizing what the other is worth. This is a collaboration destined for greatness that will go the distance. WEARETDY has reunited two phenomenally gifted musicians; vocalist and lyricist DePriest and acclaimed producer Dylan Flach.

They are embarking on an eclectic music style that captures the energy and vibes of electronic and ambient soundscapes with psychedelic sensibilities. Flach is known for his unique skills to switch up his hits, making them stand out indefinitely from other music. DePriest brings the ethereal, dream-like vocals that lure the listener in and reward them with an authentic, hypnotic listening experience.

Their 2-track single consists of the masterpieces, “Set Free” and “Trippin;”- two special and dynamic songs that are leaning towards a genre-bending psychedelic electro sound that blends ambient sounds and hypnotic vocals with driving melodies and harmonies.

Despite the lush, seemingly instrumental nature of these songs, WEARETDY is able to convey concrete meaning. Through the use of reverb and ethereal vocals, WEARETDY makes their audiences feel like they are floating in a psychedelic tapestry of sound and waves, evoking a sense of detachment and dissociation!

Through this transcendental music, WEARETDY captures the feelings of being human and the emotions that come with it.

Regardless of where one would put WEARETDY in the musical genre chart, they are doing their best to push the genre boundaries and not limit themselves to what type of music they provide.

Their debut EP, 10:10,” is set for a late spring release as they continue making their mark in the hope of stamping their indelible imprints on countless records that will be their legacy.

If you wish to be whisked away and enter the realms of near-cosmic exploration; “10:01” is where you deserve to spend some quality time…you can of course, thank me later!


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