Syren Gio’s Much Awaited “Helios” EP Is Finally Out and Available on All Your Favorite Digital Streaming Platforms

Syren Gio Helios

The waves are spread through the ocean forming a glamorous sight to behold with the way the water is being pushed and surrendering without putting much of a fight and giving in to the direction the waves so wish! There is a sudden level of caution as you approach into the deep seas and each time you get nearer towards the oncoming push of the wave, your heart skips a bit but you also cannot help but feel the anticipation; this is a mental image I’m trying to help conjure up in your mind of an astonishingly surprising musical act who is Syren Gio!

Syren Gio has interacted with music since he discovered it as his first love – doing karaoke at bars while taking shots of tequila at coral reef South Padre island. He carried with him his big dreams of ever wanting to make a career out of music but never knew how he’d bridge that gap but ever since he unfolded a gift given to him by his ex which was a whole set of tools to make his personal studio at home, the rest has been history and now here he stands with another set of an EP after the success of his debut EP “Inception” which he released in 2021.

“Helios” like his first EP has two tracks “Devil” and “Forever Love” which are two contrasting yet stunningly innovated tracks. “Devil” is more devilish in its approach with the banging qualities at its core. The firm bass lines are invigorating and the strong booming beat complemented by the catchy hooks where the gist of this track resides ensures that you press the repeat button for some repeated listening experience. He featured Mors as the beat producer and together they attack with precision giving this track that wistful aura of some trap pop medley! His vocals really shine through here and give this track that absorbing quality.

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“Forever Love” is the other track that shines with joyous vocal moments with his polished male vocals and the refreshingly audible lead vocals with the backing mellifluous vocals whisks a listener to a world brimming with true love. This is a proper laid-back and brass-colored rhythmic R&B groove that has that sense of natural divinity to impact a listener in indescribably beautiful ways.

Just like “Inception” which had a couple of tracks “Through the dark’ and “Do me right”, “Helios” is a sensualized gem in melodic transcendence. This is what you want to be listening to, this is when creativity means catchiness and the result is magic. “Helios” is now available on popular streaming platforms – stream it, save the tracks as favorites, and share it with other listeners worldwide who would appreciate a great deal of melodicism that has been passionately made!

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