Enjoy the Monumental Release “F & F” by Out-And-Out Producer Alvin Brown Beats Featuring Popcaan

Alvin Brown Beats was born Francisco Stevens, in Nosy be Hell-Ville in Madagascar and his music expedition has been nothing short of inspiring; moving from just a passion in music to pursuing a career as a college DJ, starting his own YouTube channel, taking a hiatus to join the army, getting back to music and working with legendary acts in the music industry such as Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Eddy Kenzo and Jahyanai King just to mention a few! He always knew what he wanted out of life and music made a very huge part of it. His astounding discography includes composing the Billboard charting single “Chill” for Popcaan and working with Vybz Kartel for his track “Can’t be the same”. His reputation precedes him and in the year 2020 he together with Popcaan had a groundbreaking certified hit dubbed “F & F” – a track that apart from entertaining gives some real insight into the bonds of family and friends and the positive vibes of leading a positive life, especially for the youths.

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Right from the hauntingly alluring piano at the intro, you can tell that gifted hands were at the center in making this track. Everything has been faultlessly mixed and mastered and it gives that time and space for Popcaan to come through with his deliciously polished vocals and delivers some deserved justice on those fine beats that cleverly blend the line between hip-hop and dancehall. You can even get to ‘dougie’ as you sink in the message and melody being emanated.

There is a marvelous motion between the beats and the intriguing variation in the drums amidst the patterns do well to add that rhythmic edge. Popcaan’s euphonious vocals add extravagant depth and color. There is great laid-back energy and a positive message that will help any sort of listener straightforwardly connected to the track. The great lyrical content, contextually perfect, and an exceptional track on so many levels – it will without a doubt have a huge crossover appeal thanks to its extraordinary production and positive nature and the hip-hop/dancehall sensibility.

Hearing this track now and you wouldn’t recognize it was made two years back as it still bangs, impacts, and smells like yesterday! To get a taste of this delicacy, follow the attached link – stream the track, like it, save it as a favorite, share it and follow Alvin Brown Beats and immerse yourself in his eclectic discography which features popular tracks such as: “Sexflix”, “Aya”, “Yellow – Love Afrobeat Type Mix” and “Clank” just to mention but a few!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"  

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