Phenomenal London-Based Female Artist Nina Deiana Delivers a Sagacious and Emotional Track “Another Place”

Nina Deiana Another Place

Nina Deiana is a London based singer/songwriter with Sardinian roots and the single “Another Place” is her third release after her debut track “Lost in Wine” and the “Butter on Toast” – both co-produced with Italian producer Edoardo Bruni. She has a penchant for cinematic and soundtracks and boasts a solid background in music performance and composition. She has also pursued a successful career in acting and has been the voice of many global campaigns on international TVs such as ‘Voice of Peroni Nastro Azzurro 2021’. Nina is a duchess and has been dedicated to songwriting for over a decade. She gets inspiration from legendary musicians past and present including Dave Matthews, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Lana Del Rey, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Fiona Apple and Ben Harper who have shaped her contaminated sound and formed her soulful side.

Her track “Another Place” is a track whose story is framed in the tune of ‘one night and one day’ which urges us to accept and embrace that vulnerable side of us – to accept suffering as part of the healing process. Most people prefer to take the easy way out by avoiding dealing with their emotions for fear of being judged or appearing some type of way – Nina is here to remind us to accept our emotions without judgment; to find a to embrace our vulnerabilities and not erase or cover the pain. We have to accept that suffering and vulnerability are vital footprints in our journey through life. We need to embrace all the feelings no matter how uncomfortable they make us (or feel like they make us!)

“Another Place” will literally take a listener to another mesmerizing space – the track is diverse and genre-defying and gets off to a cinematographic heavy percussion which would serve perfect as a movie sound track in those intense scenes! There is also an abundance of styles with the R&B, soul, blues and pop elements all coming out audaciously in this track. The sound is built from the ground up and the fashioned harmonic progression, the walking bass and the dutiful drums mixed to perfection to give rise to Nina’s uniquely engaging and angelic vocal tones – illustrating a portrait of a confident and vulnerable woman approaching the end of her rope with reckless abandon through characterist\ically colorful and stylistically gripping deliveries.

Nina sings with a mature tone steeped in blues style. She creates a gripping atmosphere and brings an irresistible catchiness to the hooks and pre chorus. This is a very cool and alluring new cinematic tune that grooves its way right in front of you. It is full of color, rhythmic edges and its style is diverse and uniquely its own! This is a dazzling modern pop, blues and soul production and a contemporary edge. The accomplished vocal performances craft a terrifically catchy and easily accessible tune. Everything is handled exceptionally well from the crisply-layered synth and bass sounds to the texturally filtered emotional sweeps and the heartwarming rhythmic pulse that drives the track.

“Another Place” will without a doubt appeal to modern audiences and it is now available on major streaming platforms. Follow the attached link to stream it, save it as a favorite and share with your social friends and family. This is Nina’s moment to shine!

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