Tizzy TEACH Releases a Breathtaking New Evocative and Highly Expressive Single “I Can’t Help It” (Prod. DArtizt)”

Tizzy TEACH I Can’t Help It

Tizzy TEACH is the real definition of a magician with the way he puts out magic effortlessly and places lyrics behind some substance as he does on the single “I Can’t Help It” which is a smashing southern type of groove that has been embellished with the 90s vibe to take a listener on some exhilarating nostalgic expedition! Tizzy TEACH really shines through this track with his heart on his sleeve performance and genuine delivery. He put out all his emotions and listening to all this track, all I could think of was the mash-up of the 90s southern type of hip-hop beat and J Cole’s lyrical effectiveness to go with it – unimaginably extraordinary, right!; that’s what you get from this track that exemplifies prodigious production and imaginative creativity!

Every detail that was into the making of this track was spot on and even right from the start, you know this is not your ordinary track. There is maturity, experience, and glamour on display. The insightful lyrics are performed in that lyrically magical way and Tizzy TEACH allows himself some space as he delivers like some maestro, hitting on all the right nerves! “All I know is I gotta do something, it’s better than sitting and doing nothing, I couldn’t be one of those people that put in no work and think that it’s coming!

Tizzy TEACH has an appetite for flows and will hold listener bondage with his witty flows and clever lyricism amidst the banging bass, the powerful drums, and the stunning beat synths that are atoned justifiably with his astonishing wordplay. The amazing flows and the genius lyrical delivery is just a confirmation of his mad talent for dropping bars effortlessly. He does not even drop sweat and his flows are dysfunctionally Dope! This is an absolute masterpiece delivery with a masterclass performance atop it that will leave you speechless! The world ain’t ready for such levels of ingenuity! Follow the attached link, like the official audio release, leave a comment and subscribe to his YouTube channel – what we are experiencing is extraordinarily authentic brilliance packaged as Tizzy TEACH!

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