The Happy Curmudgeons’ “Reluctant Prophets” leaves a lasting impression thanks to its infectious beat and reflective lyrics.

A band that quickly gained traction as soon as they arrived, Detroit-based The Happy Curmudgeons’ authentic music has earned them massive recognition internationally, with critics lauding their ability to capture the essence of human experiences through their roots-inspired sound. With each new release, this band consistently pushes the limits of their craft, showcasing an ongoing evolution as a band. It is little wonder the Spectra Music Group recently signed with them, a feat that will further contribute to their growing fame as they continue making a mark, one infectious jam at a time!

The Happy Curmudgeons are excited to announce the release of their sophomore album, “2nd Chances” that is expected to officially debut on July 26, 2024. The band has been giving us something to that effect, preparing us for what to expect and the song “Reluctant Prophets” featuring guest artist Vaughn Mortimer, is a delightful reflection of the upcoming album.

Taking a slight departure from their signature folk, American sound, The Happy Curmudgeons give it that rock edge that is exuded by the jam’s infectious energy and lively beats from the get-go. Dave Hamilton’s influence as a songwriter shines through, adding depth and creativity to the band’s evolving sound.

The lead singer does not disappoint, mirroring the rhythmic feel of the song with his own captivating voice. The acoustic guitar sets the tone with an alluring concoction of the bass, drums, percussion, and other string instruments contributing to the distinct flavor of the song.

I want to highlight the guitar-playing here, The Happy Curmudgeons showcases such dexterous execution to drive the song forward and make sure that you can still feel those notes playing over your head even after the song is no more.

The infectious chorus at “Reluctant Prophets’” heart also contributes to the memorability of this anthem, which means that it will keep on playing in your head long after the final notes disappear. Vaughn Mortimer’s contribution on vocals and guitar elevates the track, adding a fresh and dynamic layer to the band’s sound.

Reluctant Prophets” is a testament to The Happy Curmudgeons’ growth as a band, as well as their unwavering commitment to delivering music that resonates deeply.

Sink your teeth into this tour de force and find a home for it under your favorite playlist.

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