The overwhelming reaction music composer Zoey Tess’ latest song “In These Dreams” is already garnering is proof enough that good music effortlessly sells itself!

In a world where she could have been anything, Zoey Tess decided to be a sonic creator and healer, wholeheartedly transforming real emotions into melodies with universal appeal. This role has earned her a revered reputation, as she steals more than the attention of her audiences but also their hearts and souls as well. Her passion for music started ever since she was little and was fueled during her teenage years, where she was classically trained. As she continued learning through the process, she delved into music production and songwriting. Now, she captures the hearts and minds of her listeners with thoughtfully written music backed by impeccably well-crafted compositions. Beyond her own personal success, she has worked with globally celebrated icons such as Britney Spears and Mila Jam. Yeah, you are absolutely right, even I would very much like to be her!

The air is thick with inspiration and motivation following Zoey Tess’s latest release, “In These Dreams” which in certain terms encourages us to follow our hearts, allow ourselves the chance to dream again, and rid ourselves of the fear of failing or feeling insufficient.

The smooth and mellow feel of the track is underscored by the gentleness of the piano melodies backed by the beauty and color of the violin, providing this stunning backdrop for the delicate and expressive lead female vocals at the song’s heart.

That lively touch of the song is then highlighted by the well-executed drums and electric guitar, as they merge gracefully with the piano melodies to create something that is more experienced and less heard.

“In These Dreams” is a masterpiece that hits so close to home in multiple ways. The words are raw, honest, and powerful, and the catchy and memorable chorus underscores this emotional depth.

With close to 20K Spotify streams since it was released just a few days ago, the overwhelming reaction this jam has garnered is enough proof that good music indeed sells itself…and effortlessly so!

Let’s join this bandwagon and boost our playlists with such an uplifting and inspiring anthem as this.

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