“Show Me” by YEYO (The Miracle Child) Featuring Bongo Flava Star Tommy Flavour Is Available on All Major Platforms

YEYO Show Me

YEYO (The Miracle Child) is literally a miracle on two legs. This multi-talented Tanzanian recording artist, singer-songwriter capitalizing on his potential and optimizing his performance musically has continued increasing his identity as a genuine empire-builder not only in Tanzania’s music industry but for the whole of East Africa and indeed the African sonic space. He is slowly growing into a history-maker and it is not a matter of how but when he will get there! It is safe to safe Tanzania which is a hub for exceptional music acts such as Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny, Mbosso and Jux just to mention a few is in safe hands with YEYO who is making waves at an alarming speed! He has clasped in his voracious passion for music to his heart, locked in his ingenuity and he is now undefeatable.

His latest track “Show Me” which followed his recently produced rap track “No Chance” is a masterpiece in melodic transcendence. In this track, he featured the legend bongo Flava and fellow Tanzanian artist Tommy Flavour who added that much-needed flair and grandeur to the track. This track resonates heavily with lovers with the lyrics touching on that type of love experienced by two closely intimate people and offering another glimpse of the obvious “If your lover lives to be a hundred, you’ll want to be a hundred minus one day so you never have to live without them!”

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There is something special about YEYO’s delicious and charmingly captivating vocals and as he delivers the catchy hooks from the song “Can you show me…the way you hold me…” then it is easy to get lost in the track as the danceable quality of the beats go well with this love tune and the best track to dance along to while looking straight into the eyes of your partner! Tommy Flavour stuns with his Swahili lyricism holding the track together with his wistful lines and adding that rhythmic edge and appeal and offering another helpful insight into the matters of the heart – the fights, the getting back together, the longing, and all the glamour involved in love.

This is a proper anthem for the lovers and even single people have not been excluded for we all fall in love at some point in our lives and the words behind the lyrics find their way uninhabited to a person’s heart. The future of Tanzania’s music is in safe hands and you can get to enjoy this track that is now available on all the digital platforms by following the attached link. The future is here!

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