Revere in the Distinctive Heavyweight Track “BURB3RRY” by Certified Hit Maker 0luxure

0luxure BURB3RRY

0luxure is that type of artist that just gets into the studio and does his thing – allowing his music to do the talking for him without chasing clout or getting involved in gimmicks or pulling some publicity stunts to gain attention. And over the past decade, his different artistic approach has vindicated him and he has been making groundbreaking music that other artists could only dream of! He has been a major source of inspiration to the upcoming artists who look up to him with a combination of mountainous respect and visceral disbelief.

What has pushed him to outlast many of his peers is his maximum capitalization on his insatiable passion for music and the desire to fulfill in himself musically and make hits that will inspire generations long after he is gone. Making timeless music is no easy fit and you would really be surprised that the track “BURB3RRY” is a decade old but still feels like it was made yesterday! As you tap dance you way across the floor of your house, flailing your arms manically and grooving intensely to this emotional and deeply resonant track, then the meaning of time is lost in you and you just want to get lost in the moment – it is an unbelievably instinctual moment!

“BURB3RRY” has already amassed over 3 Million streams with over 37.5 K likes and 5.3 K reposts. This track is a true reflection of club and tuneful R&B/Hip-hop track colored with the theme of love as 0luxure’s invigorating delivery and finely-polished pure vocals cover the track warmly – fitting perfectly like some warm-weather jacket! There is an abundance of glamour and fashion even with the beat synths banging candidly and working in respectable tandem with the bold basslines, the drums and the special intrigue of the background touches that stun in a call and response motif with 0luxure’s vocals.

Listening to this track and you want to fall in love again as it is truly wonderful and pretty close to magical with the way each element and the refreshingly intriguing ideas take a spectacular near-mystical quality in the track to give it that timeless feel. This track has maintained the nostalgic vibe of the last decade and surprisingly has that futuristic air to still fit in in these times – this is what happens when artists focus on doing what they do best and do it passionately. To get a trip down this memory lane, follow the attached link, stream the track, give it a like, and repost it as you listen through 0luxure’s impressive catalog.

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