The Young and Versatile Trap King Young Pocket$ Delivers Some Intense Anthem “EXOTICS”

Young Pocket$ EXOTICS

Young Pocket$ is a creative prodigious recording artist, producer, influencer and designer based out of Portland, Oregon. He pairs his music with authentic emotions and lyrical honesty; balancing splendidly the lines of contemporary sound with the emotion-filled expressive and provocative Modern Age rap that tears the lines of emo and trap musical style exceptionally. His holistic approach is woven between unapologetic and genuinely fantastical unbridled approach – both in melody and lyricism. Basically, what you see is what you get! The 2020 single “Exotics” was produced by MILE HIGH BEATS and the homemade video shot and produced by Poccex. This is a stunning trap soul-backed magnificently with the lyrical lemonade, freestyle artistic wordplay that Young Pocket$ utilizes to critical acclaim!

At the intro, a listener is met with the euphonious guitar tone followed almost immediately by the banging beats that jump at a listener with magnetic wonder pulling in a listener closer as Young Pocket$ lyrically interpolates lyrics into the melody matching the pace of the rhythm with his rap speed! The intensified bombastic rhythmicity is driven by the groovy deep-phased basslines, the resounding 808’s and the punchy drums as the determined background guitar strings keep up with the level of ferocity and energy being displayed!

Young Pocket$ really delivers an atmospheric and emotionally engaging sonic escape in “Exotics” establishing a banging, immersive quintessential trap medley soundscape with warmly cascading beat synths and ushering listeners deeper into the space through ascendant lyricism and genuine mind-blowing freestyling adeptness. This timeless explosive and ceaseless track feels ethereal and supportive as Young Pocket$ delivers wordplay lyricism with authenticity and artistic passion – bringing the lyrics to heightened meaningfulness and connecting listeners to the song more fully with each passing bar. The resultant experience feels deeply personal, fully intimate, and endlessly accessible as it reflects an emotional impulse that feels both familiar and elusive.

The homemade video for this track is an ingenious concept on its own as it focuses on Young Pocket$ on some raised mic with the colorful background complementing the scenery glamorously and allowing a viewer to get lost in the whole visual treat. The video has already garnered over 22.6 K views and counting! Fans of sprawling atmospheric trap house and underground hip-hop should find a great deal to cherish in “Exotics”. Follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, watch the video, like it, download this track and set it as a favorite and check out other eclectic projects from Young Pocket$ impressive discography!

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